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SEAWAVE has been continuously developing new technologies to deliver excitements through sound since its establishment in 1983, and has introduced speakers and audio devices for Pro-Sound that are being recognized for their outstanding quality and also introduced high-end speakers of the highest level to the domestic and overseas market.



SEAWAVE has self-developed advanced technologies and methods such as HDMT (High Damping Metal Technology) for vibration control and specialized  know-hows differentiated from other companies such as NST (Non Soldering Technology) that does not use soldering which enables speakers to deliver the maximum characteristics and capabilities and the technology that allows to implant ions at lower temperature and lower pressure etc. In addition, SEAWAVE has developed some parts and components used in network circuits such as resistors, inductors, etc with its own technology for making the best speakers and applying them to the finished goods.





SEAWAVE has released a mammoth line array Sarashara that has the highest output, dynamics, and straightness that are available in the market and high-end speaker series such as Master, Plotinus, Aletheia and has been exporting them to the overseas market, and now it is being recognized as a specialized manufacture of highest level speakers.





SEAWAVE, trying to make the sound visible rather than make the sound heard, is committed to make customers tired of daily routine find joy and self and will return  reasonable price and the best technology for making the sound that helps customers recover from daily life fatigue.




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