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It’s hard to believe that violin is an instrument with such various facial expressions. It completely captures the subtle tremble of chord, the feeling of woody body, the echo of air travelling the internal vacant space. It’s owing to the background like total darkness. I listened several other musics too, but in any case, the sound came out and quickly disappeared without getting entangled. There was no off in any of replay range, and it boasted of ultra strong resolution.


- Monthly Audio 2018.11


The pinnacle of standmounted speaker

Remarkable sound with
perfectly small size

Molded aluminum enclosure

Specially builded
nickel core foil inductor





Round shape, Beautiful design






Beauty of curved surface
made of aluminum mold


The enclosure processed as curved surface is beautiful while restraining standing waves because it does not have any parallel surface. It is not only beautiful, but also excellent in functions because it has good softness that allows to withstand impacts and restrain resonance of metals.









Luxurious anodizing


Its luxurious appearance resulted from anodizing process makes Aletheia at the peak of high-end bookshelf speaker more valuable.












Non soldering technology


Lead is lower in conductivity compared to cooper and silver, and causes voltage drop when the signal passes though the solder. It can increase not only heat but also power consumption. Moreover, it can be the cause of defects due to its expansion and contraction in accordance with change of temperature, and may affect the quality of sound too.
Seawave does not use soldering but only compression method to eliminate the problems that can be caused by soldering. In addition, the connection part is thoroughly sealed and protected, and tightly fixed to prevent the problems such as corrosion of surface after long period of time.




Resistors specially made


Even the highest quality resistors have soldering in its resistor body and lead line. To solve the problem that can be caused by soldering, Seawave uses solf-developed resistors using silver contained adhesives without any soldering.









Inductor using 6N foil and Nickel



Normal Air Coil inductor can be an obstacle to signal paths because of its long wire material. Seawave uses self-made inductors made of specially ordered Nickel cores from a Japanese vendor and 12AWG 6N foils insulated with DuPont PTFE Film.








For the suppression of vibration


To block unwanted vibration from being transferred from the speaker to outside or from outside to the speaker, its enclosure is made through all-in-one casting using advanced new materials and aluminum alloy.
To prevent the vibration of insulators and the internal wire materials, the high damping metal of excellent vibration exclusion capabilities that are used even in Particle Accelerator is used to make this product.








Cryocessing for all the wire materials

and main parts


Seawave uses cryoprocessed wire materials and main parts, and uses the parts and components manufactured through strict management such as use of Ion Implantation technology.









  Technical Specifications





Bass Reflex   2 way  2 Speakers


Driver Units 



Tweeter : Esotar 28mm

Woofer : Eton Hexacone 170mm


Frequency Response


28Hz - 22,000kHz (±1)




2 kHz




90 dB/W/m




8 Ohm




23 kg




300 x 465 x 375 mm




Gold & Rose  Gold / Red & Black / Blue(Poseidon Blue & Marine), Others






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