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The horn itself that stretches briskly is also excellent, but please pay attention to its low-range sounds with the power and impact that can be listened to in actual performance hall. You will experience the low-range sounds that you have never imagined.


- Monthly Audio 2019.4


World's First 4 Technologies for Plotinus

First real rounded wood horn
with Compression Driver.

First molded aluminum Woofer
enclosure not assembled.

First Korean traditional paper
(called Hanji) compression
driver membrane.

First incredibly low resistance
Inductor invented and used by
SeaWave original technology.





So beautiful, you can’t look away.



Perfectly beautiful Wood horn


Only with seeing the horn made through the processes of laminating 20 sheets of 20mm sized white birch panel and processing with precision machines, people can feel happy. The brilliant appearance of the horn speaker completed through at least 5 times of coats by the specialist to deliver beautiful and complete color adds more joys of seeing.




Fascinating design will catch your mind


The horn made of processed white birch and the enclosure made of all-in-one casting are finished in 5 colours of Gold & Rose Gold, Red & Black, Nature, Black, and Ocean Blue. The fascinating design of Plotinus will raise the quality of your space.









SeaWave original technology

The world's first true and authentic horn type speakers






First real rounded wood horn
with Compression Driver


The horn in cone shape made of woods using compression drivers. Only this can be called the real horn.
Welcome to the world of the first real horn that have never been made!








First molded aluminum
Woofer enclosure not assembled


The enclosure of Plotinus is made of all-in-one casting that does not require assembling because there is no seam. All-in-one casting is very hard to make, and costs a lot more. But the manufacturing cost is not important, because Plotinus is made only for quality of sound. The enclosure of Plotinus made for quality of sound is finished as a beautiful product like a work of art after being made in all-in-one casting and processed with CNC several times.
Aluminum bars are used for strengthening the structure of enclosure, and for anti-resonance. In addition, anti-vibration fluid was applied three times to the inside of the enclosure to suppress additional internal resonance.
Seawave makes the enclosure of Plotunus by applying all its technologies and efforts to every part of it however small they may be.






First Korean traditional paper com-

pression driver membrane


The Tweeter of Plotinus is special. The Twitter made of Korean paper is light and soft. The Korean paper Tweeter, which was applied to Plotinus for the first time in the world, makes high range sounds very naturally without any sharp sound.








Non soldering technology


Every connecting point is twisted and pressed instead of applying soldering. NST is a small effort to make the premium high-end speaker, using the technologies recognized for the quality of sounds in Seawave’s previous products.



Incredible Inductor


First incredibly low resistance Inductor invented and used by SeaWave original technology. The proprietary inductor uses an 11-gauge (6N) 99.9999% purity copper foil to reduce the internal resistance to 1/10 than usual inductor.  It mean just like no use inductor in ordinary concept.







  Technical Specifications





True rounded horn type speaker, 4 Way 5 Speakers


Driver Units 






Super Tweeter : Beryllium

Tweeter : Hanji membrane 25mm

                Rounded wood horn 180mm

Midrange : Titanium 65mm

                   Rounded wood horn 480mm

Woofer : 200mm  Double


Frequency Response


30Hz - 50000kHz (±1)




93 dB/W/m




4 Ohm


Amplifier Requirements


15 ~ 250 W




150 kg



410 x 1605 x 789 mm



Gold & Rose Gold  / Red & Black / Blue(Poseidon Blue & Marine)










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