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When everybody says the field sound is the best, then who can say the replay sound is better? Such a provocative question will disappear immediately after you hear sound from this speaker. This is overwhelming. The hands tremble, the whole body trembles, and the body begins to shudder by the wave of sound just like the body drifts on the large waves.


- Monthly Audio 2019.1


Nirvana implemented by audio

A reference horn speaker with
highest level in the world that
is made only for sound

A reference horn speaker con-
sisted of 1000mm wood horn

A crystal of 30 year’s speaker





So beautiful, you can’t look away.






1000mm horn speaker finished
with pure lacquering


The 1000mm sized ultra large horn is made by the maker after processing the raw lumber over 6 months. The coating, the life of the horn, is pure lacquering with 16 times of coats applied that was entrusted to a Japanese professional.











Enclosure consisted of
40mm white birch plywood


The enclosure for Super Woofer and Woofer are subject to lots of vibration, which affects the quality of sound negatively. To suppress the vibration, the enclosure is made of 40mm white birch plywood in solid matrix structure and the weight of the connection part (horn base) to connect the horn reaches almost 120kg, so not only its structure, but also its overwhelming weight minimize the vibration generated from the enclosure.









Bronze casting stand reaching 120kg


The connection part that connects the horn and the base is made of bronze to prevent vibration. Its weight reaching almost 120kg ensures its solidity.


























1000mm sized horn completed
by the design of a specialist


It’s very hard to make the horn in regular shape, and that in ultra large size reaching 1000mm through processing of raw lumber. The horn made by the maker through 6 month’s hard work per horn is a piece of work without a precedent.















Commitment to the suppression
of vibration


The weight reaching 350kg for one of a pair is an effort to suppress the vibration by using 40mm sized white birch enclosure, 120kg weighted bronze casting base, etc.











HDMT(High Damping Metal

technology) insulator


For the insulator that removes the ultra wide band vibration that ranges from 0.1Hz to  10MHz, High damping metal, a special materials used in particle accelerators etc, is being used.












  Technical Specifications





4 Way 5 Speakers


Driver Units 





Tweeter : Specially ordered diamond twitter

Mid :  2“ titanium compression driver

           Rounded wood horn 1000mm

Woofer : Skaaning 12 Double

Super Woofer : 18


Frequency Response


18Hz - 35000kHz (±1)


Amplifier Requirements


4 power amplifiers for Super Woofer, Mid, Tweeter




350 kg




Natural Birch & Dark Brown






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