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AM45 speaker, meaning Alive Music, in other words, the music sounds in the field, is a series ambitiously released to the market by SeaWave Acoustics in 2020.
We are proud to introduce AM45, our second stand type horn speaker product for thorough appreciation, following the entry type AM22 released to the market in the second half of the year 2020. We sincerely hope you, fans of sound and music, indulge in the real charm of beautiful sounds with keeping them aside for a long time.









AM45 allows you to appreciate the sound region that we’ve never felt until now by mounting 4WAY horn speakers. It means the time alignment was finally achieved in 4WAY horn speakers, which is one of epoch-making events that surprise the world by making the impossible possible. 

Using the high-quality internal components, such as the capacitors, inductors, resistors, and even the wires using 6N OCC copper cables, it was made possible to hear the beautiful and wonderful heavenly sounds.












AM45 is a 4WAY horn speaker consisted of base 11inc, mid 8inc, Mid-treble 6.5inc tweeter, treble, super treble, and made in infinite baffle method especially to improve the quality of mid-treble sounds. In addition, while the existing “PLOTINUS" has a problem that its unit cost for manufacturing was too expensive because of its bass enclosure made with AC4C die-casting, an alloy of aluminum and silicon, this AM45 allows appreciating the bass sound at a higher level by making the sounds wonderful especially in the bass region using PEP light, a Synthetic material with higher density. 





Knowhow weaved into AM45


Firstly, an old open problem of 4WAY horn speakers, that is, Time Alignment, was solved by removing the time differences in the sound outputs ranging from bass to super treble, making simultaneous sound outputs possible.

Secondly, it was possible to enjoy the original sounds by removing the soldering using Non-solder technologies in the design of the circuit. 

Thirdly, the best mid-treble sound was implemented by adopting the infinite baffle method in the mid-treble tweeter.

Fourthly, a technical achievement questioning “where is the end of the bass?” was obtained by adopting PEP light, a synthetic material with the density higher than the existing aluminum and silicon alloy in the enclosure applied for bass sounds.








  Technical Specifications





True rounded horn type speaker, 4 Way 5 Speakers


Driver Units 





Super Tweeter : 1" Hanji compression driver +35horn

Tweeter : 2" titanium compression driver +11horn

Midrange : 6" Hanji

Woofer : 8" honey com x 1

               11"  honey com x 1




PEP light


Frequency Response


20Hz - 35kHz (±2dB)




94 dB




4 Ohm


Amplifier Requirements


20 ~ 5,000 W




125 kg




480 x 1360 x 780 mm





Gold & Black Rose  / Red & Black / Blue(Poseidon Blue & Marine Beach) / Green(Dark Forest & Olive)






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