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"The beauty should not be  exclusive property

of the rich."


“It was his answer to my silly question, “how could you make a horn speaker at this price range?” - It was in last May when I went to a pre-listening event for AM22, the speaker newly developed. Recently when I listened to it again in a full-range main audition room, AM22 made me realize how much it could be dreadful if all the musicians of a full-size symphony orchestra pour out sounds at the same time. Those sounds were also beautiful as before.


-  2020.7


A fantastic stand mount speaker

Beautiful design
Splendid sound

Peplight Enclosure


Beautiful design in an elegant curve






Beautiful design made of

PEP Light


The enclosure, finished with curves, is beautiful and it definitely suppresses the standing waves. It is not only beautiful. The enclosure, made of PEP Light materials, is also excellent in functions. 








Beautiful high glossy finishing


The luxurious appearance finished with high glossy materials, beautifies the space further.














Non soldering technology


Lead is lower in conductivity compared to cooper and silver, and causes voltage drop when the signal passes though the solder. It can increase not only heat but also power consumption. Moreover, it can be the cause of defects due to its expansion and contraction in accordance with change of temperature, and may affect the quality of sound too.
Seawave does not use soldering but only compression method to eliminate the problems that can be caused by soldering. In addition, the connection part is thoroughly sealed and protected, and tightly fixed to prevent the problems such as corrosion of surface after long period of time.




Resistors specially made


Even the highest quality resistors have soldering in its resistor body and lead line. To solve the problem that can be caused by soldering, Seawave uses solf-developed resistors using silver contained adhesives without any soldering.









Inductor using 6N foil and Nickel



Normal Air Coil inductor can be an obstacle to signal paths because of its long wire material. Seawave uses self-made inductors made of 11, 13 AWG 6N OCC foil insulated with specially ordered Kapton Tape for best quality.










  Technical Specifications





3 way  3 Units


Driver Units 



Super Tweeter : Esotar 28mm

Compression Drive + Straight Horn : 50mm
Woofer : 200mm Eton Hexacone




PEP light


Frequency Response


32Hz - 25kHz (±1dB)




1.2 kHz




91 dB / 150W / m




8 Ohm




27 kg(Net, Each Speaker)  /  34 kg(Gross)





310 x 370 x 570 mm (without Front Grill)

515 x 420 x 570 mm  (Package)




Red & Black / Blue(Poseidon Blue & Marine) / Gold & Rose Gold(Plan)





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